El Niño, the story maps

El Niño can have an impact on weather conditions around the globe. Help us tell the local stories of a global phenomenon.

The Story Maps

El Niño affects communities and ecosystems worldwide. But how did it affect you, your community, and natural areas around you? Help us tell these and other stories through the El Niño Story Maps, an initiative designed to collect and share the little-known events that collectively help document the local effects of a global phenomenon.

If you want to participate, send us a short text, which you can accompany by photos and links to videos you created. Alternatively, you may also send us a link to a blog post or website page containing your story. Tell us how your class is studying weather and land cover changes, how did your community cope with extreme weather events, or what is your perspective on the future of climate and mankind. Share with the world what you believe was relevant to yourself and your community!

Send us an email to stories@smartbasins.com with your story, photos and links to videos you created.

The El Niño Story Maps were created by the team of GLOBE's El Niño Campaign. If you want to learn more about the campaign, please visit the project's website here.

Check the demonstration Story Map below. This is a new project, and updates are coming soon. The first stories will be uploaded in June! Make sure you bookmark our page and visit us for updates.

Share the science!